Workplace Wellbeing Consultancy

Monthly Wellbeing Consultancy

Helping you create a positive workplace culture, where employees feel valued, heard and looked after, resulting in greater staff engagement, performance and retention. A successful business requires an ongoing, proactive approach to employee wellbeing. 

What’s included:

Investment: from £750/month. Bespoke packages available on request.

"Together we ensure your people are thriving"

Wellbeing and Performance Workshops And Programmes

Bespoke, interactive educational workshops, programmes, and training designed to support your staff to self reflect, build self awareness and aid them with the skills and behaviours of high performance and wellbeing.

What’s included:

Examples of workshops that could be delivered:

  • How to stay motivated to look after your personal wellbeing
  • Managing procrastination
  • Supporting parents in the workplace

Investment: £300 per hour. Bespoke packages available upon request.